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  • Vallejo German Red Oxide Acrylic Paint Set #78.411
    Here’s a great painting set for armour or AFV model makers from Vallejo which aims to capture the look of a tank’s primer coat.
  • Easy Metal Links Tracks
    Adding white metal tracks is a great way to get your tanks looking as real as possible. Here's a manufacturer who simplifies the process.
  • Tankart Volume 3 Modern Armor
    This is the third instalment in Rinaldi Studio Press' popular Tank Art series. The author, Michael Rinaldi, is a leading figure in the world of modelling.
  • Friulmodel Metal Replacement Tank Tracks
    Our hobby is all about the pursuit of scale realism. Our quest for perfection means manufacturers offer some great products.
  • Vallejo Rust & Chipping Set Ref: 71.186
    Want to get down with the chipping gang? Eager to try out the latest painting craze? Then this new Vallejo set (Ref: 71.186) will get you started.
  • Vallejo IJA Colors Early/Late 1937-1945
    Kicking off our new series of video reviews & unboxings is Vallejo's "IJA Colors Early/Late 1937-1945” (Ref: 71.160).
  • Military Vehicle Technology Foundation
    As part of our series on the best tank museums in the world, we headed to the Military Vehicle Technology Foundation near San Francisco.
  • Tankfest 2013
    Looking for a great day out for all the family but with a bundle of inspiration for your models to boot?
  • Bovington Tank Museum - Tankfest
    Every year the Dorset countryside rumbles to the sound of heavy armour. It’s a sign that Tankfest at Bovington Tank Museum has arrived.
  • Saumur Tank Museum
    Every so often we hit the road to hunt out the best tank museums in the world. This time, it’s Saumur in France.
  • Mr Surfacer
    Mr. Who? Mr. Surfacer is who! Modellers who haven’t yet made his acquaintance better form a queue.


  • Tamiya KV-II
    For his evocative diorama, Doug Frame chose a legendary behemoth, the KV-II.
  • Tiger I Initial Production
    Ever build a project from scratch or with odds & ends only to discover a mainstream manufacturer releases it?
  • M24 Chaffee Walkaround
    The M24 light tank, known by the British as the Chaffee, hit the battlefield in late 1944.
  • Tamiya M4 Early Ref. 35150
    Nowadays there’s a plethora of Sherman model kits out there, but Tamiya’s M4A3 offering led the way for years. Then this kit came along.
  • Sandbagged Sherman M4A3
    American tankers devised their own way of protecting their AFVs as they pushed into Germany. They turned to sandbags.
  • Sherman Firefly
    The 17pdr Firefly was one of the most powerful of the M4 Shermans, we used it to showcase a venerable painting technique.
  • Hobbyboss T-34/76 1943 Factory No.112
    If only more manufacturers would supply a full interior, just like Hobbyboss did with their 1:48th T-34 series.
  • M60A1
    The M60 was only a stop-gap design – but it still looks big & cool in our eyes, especially with a mineroller attached.
  • Steelmasters 20
    If you don’t already know, here at Scale War Machines, we are huge Steelmasters fans. Their latest special gets a review.
  • Tamiya Churchill Crocodile
    For a long time Tamiya’s 1:35th Churchill moulds were the only game in town & their Crocodile captured a fearsome variant.
  • Tamiya Cromwell 1:35th Ref 35221
    Finding a good balance between an easy build & a great result is hard, but when done well, everyone wins.
  • Tamiya 1:48th Tiger
    The Tiger Tank attained an almost mythical status during World War 2. It also happens to be a modeller’s favourite.
  • M4A3 Sherman HVSS
    One of the most significant updates to the World War 2 M4 was the fitting of HVSS suspension, giving it a smoother ride.
  • Hobby Boss VK1602
    Hobbyboss’s VK1602 (Ref: 82460) is an example of how far manufacturers will go to find a new subject for their models.
  • Tamiya Panzer III Ausf. N (Ref: 35290)
    The Panzer III was a German Army workhorse, soldiering away on all fronts. So Tamiya’s Ausf. N is a welcome addition.
  • M18 Hellcat Walkaround
    With its 76mm gun, torsion bar suspension & top speed of 95km/h, the Hellcat tank destroyer was one speedy feline.


  • Vallejo German Camouflage Set 1943/1944 #78.414
    Getting the right match of period colours for German camo can be tricky.
  • Vallejo US Vietnam Olive Drab #78.412
    Vallejo has hit upon a simple marketing ploy. Offer up box sets to capitalize on the trend for modulation & other “out-of-the-box” techniques.
  • Archer Fine Transfers Instrument Dials & Placards
    Archer Fine Transfers of America makes an impressive range of dry transfers & wet decals that are both clever & very useful.
  • Painting Canvas
    Soft-skinned vehicles often have a canvas tilt to keep out the elements. Here's how you can easily recreate canvas.
  • Jeep M201 & Kit Review
    The Jeep has to be one of the most iconic machines of all time giving rise to a number of versions including the M201.
  • BMW R75
    There’s always been something appealing about BMW’s heavy World War Two motorcycle, the powerful R75 & sidecar.
  • Stoewer
    Sometimes German manufacturers just couldn’t help themselves, this overcomplicated little staff car is a case in point.
  • M2A1 Halftrack Review & Walkaround
    Dragon’s M2A1 halftrack typifies today’s state-of-the art model kits, so we decided to compare it with the real thing.
  • GMC 2.5t Truck with Leroi Compressor
    All American workhorse! We love the US GMC 6x6 2.5t truck, a.k.a the Jimmy. The Leroi Compressor version is no exception.


  • Revell 1/72nd Scale Sdkfz.7/2 Halftrack 30207
    The Sdkfz.7 halftrack was a mainstay of the Heer, Waffen SS & Luftwaffe & saw widespread use.
  • Sdkz.9 18t Famo Halftrack
    The 18-ton Heavy Tractor or “Famo” was a massive beast that could tow 22-ton loads & was the ultimate German halftrack.
  • ICM Sdkfz.222
    For his atmospheric desert diorama, Doug Frame chose ICM’s Sdkfz. 222 in 1:48th Scale (Ref: 48191).
  • Italeri M3A1 Scout Car 1:35th Ref 231
    Before the arrival of Hobbyboss' 1:35th M3 Scout Car, the Italeri model (Ref: 231) & its derivatives were the only option.
  • Italeri Jeep 1:24th Scale Ref 3721
    It's good to leave your comfort zone & try a new scale. We moved away from 1:35th to try Italeri's Jeep in 1:24th scale.
  • Italeri Horch kfz15
    This all-terrain staff car was made famous by the Desert Fox, General Erwin Rommel, who used the vehicle as his ride during the long desert campaign.
  • Skybow Dodge WC52
    Skybow is a manufacturer that has disappeared from our shelves – but their Dodge WC51/52 survives thanks to AFV Club.
  • Italeri Steyr RSO
    The first Russian winter came as a rude awakening to Germany. It showed troops needed a new vehicle to cope with Russia’s muddy & impassable roads.
  • Tamiya Krupp Protze Ref. 35104
    Prior to World War Two, the Germans equipped their growing armed forces with increasing numbers of all-terrain vehicles
  • CMK 1/35 Volkswagen Type 82E
    The iconic Beetle was conceived as a propaganda tool by The Third Reich – a peoples’ car or “Volkswagen” for the masses.
  • Academy M151A1 Shmira
    There’s something about Israeli vehicles that appeals to modellers. We guess it’s all those little extras so beloved of the IDF.
  • Unimog U1300L
    The Unimog is one of the world’s most iconic vehicles, often seen in action around global hotspots & disaster zones.
  • BA20 - Dragon 9003 Alan Hobbies
    Every so often those who know a modeller will generously add to your stash…that’s how the BA20 came our way.
  • Italeri AB43 1:35th Scale Ref 6451
    The Italian AB43 armoured car was an updated design that took the lessons learnt from the AB41 a stage further.
  • Tamiya Kubelwagen
    The little Kubelwagen was to the Germans what the Jeep was to the Allies & is descended from the famous Beetle.
  • Tamiya Schwimmwagen Typ 166
    Tamiya’s 1:35th “Schwimm” (Ref: 35224) may have come out over 15 years ago but it’s a great little kit of a fine vehicle.
  • Ford M151 Mutt - Walkaround
    The Ford M151 was another chapter in the story of the US Jeep. Born in 1952, it took the Jeep concept a stage further.
  • Chevrolet 30cwt LRDG - Walkaround
    The LRDG was one of the most legendary units of World War 2. Founded by Ralph Bagnold, it used some great-looking trucks.
  • Jeep & Trailer Walkaround
    The Jeep & trailer is one good-looking combo, so if you’ve seen our Jeep walk-around video but want more...try this.
  • M3 Scout Car - Walkaround
    The M3 Scout Car was the precursor to the M2 & M3 halftracks & can now be easily modelled thanks to Hobby Boss.


  • Pak40 Walkaround & Review
    Who can ignore the legendary 88mm Flak or the 20mm Flakvierling – the Pak40, however, gets less attention – unduly so.


  • Russian ML-20 Model 1937 Gun Howitzer
    Hidden around the back of the excellent Overloon Military Museum in Holland, we found this slightly shabby looking Soviet artillery piece.
  • 7.5cm Pak 40 Tamiya Ref: 35047
    Rheinmetall-Borsig made the 7.5cm Pak 40 anti-tank gun which entered service in 1941 & fought on to war’s end.
  • Tamiya 25PDR Gun
    A legendary universal gun howitzer, Tamiya was the first to issue a British 25Pdr artillery piece in 1:35th scale.
  • 8.8cm Flak 36 Walkaround
    The 8.8cm Flak 36 entered service in 1936 & was one of Germany’s most feared & respected weapons systems.
  • Ordnance 17pdr Q.F. Gun Walkaround
    The Ordnance Q.F. 17Pdr, to give it its proper title, was an acknowledgement of the need for a bigger & better Allied gun.
  • Valentine Archer SPG
    With its back-to-front design, the Archer SPG’s main 17Pdr gun faced to the rear - certainly a little different.
  • M1897 75mm Gun
    ARTICLE: M1897 75MM GUN
    The M1897 was a French gun used in US service. A World War One veteran, it was pressed back into use decades later.
  • 2Pdr QF AT Gun
    At the time of launch the 2Pdr anti-tank gun looked up to the task, but very quickly it became outclassed by tougher tanks.
  • Bofors AA Gun
    After a long wait, there's now quite a selection of 40mm Bofors kits in 1:35th scale. So here's some detail shots of one type.
  • Long Tom Upgrade Set
    The one drawback with many plastic kits are the tyres. Luckily, there’s a host of aftermarket resin upgrade options...
  • AFV Club Long Tom 1:35th
    A kit can often remain waiting its turn in your stash – AFV Club’s 1:35th Long Tom is given a much-needed public airing!
  • M1 Long Tom & Mack NO
    The American 155mm gun or “Long Tom” was a highly-effective long-range artillery piece that served from 1942 onwards.
  • 75mm Pack Howitzer
    Being flown into battle? Taking the enemy on in mountainous terrain? This compact little gun is just what you need.



  • BR52 Kriegslok Walkaround
    The BR52 was known as the Kriegslok or “War Locomotive” & was manufactured in vast numbers between 1942 & 1944.
  • Dragon 6086 - Dragon typ Ommr Gondola
    We’ve got a bit of a railway obsession & dreams of making vast marshalling yards of German rolling stock & locomotives.
  • Schwerer Plattformen - Dragon Ref: 6069
    As part of our BR52 build we needed a load for our loco - the Dragon Typ SSy Plattformwagen seemed to fit the bill.
  • BR52 Kriegslok
    Every so often there’s a project that takes a while to reach completion, Trumpeter’s massive BR52 is a case in point...



  • Revell 04990 Cylon Centurion
    Every film needs its baddie & Battlestar Galactica’s is the Cylon Centurion. So Revell has released a fitting tribute to this movie menace.
  • Revell Easy Pocket X-Wing
    Revell’s snap-together kits are aimed at novice modellers, but that doesn’t mean more experienced modellers can’t make the most of them.
  • Battlestar Galactica Viper MkII 1:32
    The rebooted Battlestar Galactica hit our screens in 2003, for us, the Viper II Fighter is the show’s undisputed star.
  • Fine Molds X-Wing 1:48th
    The Force is strong in Fine Molds X-Wing Fighter (Ref: SW1 2400). A Great subject & fantastic quality awaits modellers.
  • Dust Mickey ARV Review
    Sci-fi walkers from the imaginary world of Dust are becoming more popular with modelers, so we checked one kit out.
  • Star Wars Tie Interceptor - Fine Molds 1:72nd Scale
    Not only did George Lucas’ Star Wars create one of the finest film franchises of all time, but it also invented some cool machines.



  • Steelmasters #24 Vietnam
    There’s something about the Vietnam conflict that makes it an alluring subject for modellers interested in naval subjects.
  • Italeri MAS 568
    Italeri have hit their stride with naval subjects in 1:35th scale. The Italian M.A.S. is a great addition to their fleet.
  • Tamiya PBR
    As military movie icons go, it’s hard to beat the PBR from Apocalypse Now’s journey into Vietnam’s heart of darkness.
  • Italeri Biber
    Its good to see Italeri trying something new & making 1:35th scale naval releases the backbone of their model output.
  • U-Models US Navy Life Vests
    Every so often a new manufacturer emerges looking to corner a particular part of the market. Enter U-Models from France.



  • Chinese Boxer Rebel Figurine
    This 90mm historic figure sculpted by Mike Good is no longer in production but that didn’t dampen Doug Frame’s enthusiasm.
  • Battle Of Britain Pilot Bust - The Few
    Modeller Doug Frame had always wanted to pay tribute to the RAF pilots of 1940’s Battle of Britain & this bust gave him a great excuse.
  • Painting Leather How To Guide
    Here’s an easy way to paint leather on your model figures using Vallejo acrylics – illustrated on our French Tanker figure.
  • German Officer 1:35th Scale
    “Practice makes perfect” is the old adage & it’s certainly true when it comes to painting miniature model figures.
  • Vallejo Face Painting Set
    Painting faces is an art form in itself, here's a set that can take a lot of the hassle out of the process.
  • Beltring War & Peace
    Here’s another photo set from the War & Peace military show to give you yet more ideas for your figure modelling.
  • Beltring War & Peace
    When it comes to figure modelling, nothing beats great references. So here’s a photo set from the Beltring military show for inspiration.
  • Painting Figure's Faces How To
    For armour modellers, figures' faces can be a real challenge. It’s tough to get a good result. But there are ways to try.


  • Skp Model Resin & Plastic Kits

    SKP Model is a Czech after-market model supplier who also make plastic kits.

  • RPToolz Riveter Tool

    We've looked at RP Toolz range before, like the standard punch & die & hexagonal punch & die.

  • How to Use Milliput Putty

    So what is the legendary Milliput? Well, it's a handy two-part putty with a whole host of uses.

  • Using & Caring For Sable Paint Brushes

    Give your scale models a great paint finish with a fine quality natural hair paint brush.

  • Deluxe Materials Superglues

    They glue pretty much anything, plastic, resin, metal, photoetch & so are an invaluable tool.

  • Archer Fine Transfers "How To"

    Archer Fine Transfers is the modeller's friend when it comes to markings & numberings.

  • Vallejo Rust & Steel 70150

    Here we present an in-depth unboxing of one of Vallejo's weathering system sets.

  • The Small Shop Deluxe Brass Assist

    Rolling curved or rounded profiles is not easy with photo etched brass. The Deluxe Brass Assist will give you a helping hand.

  • The Small Shop Hold & Fold

    Working with photoetch can be fraught with all kinds of difficulties but there's no doubt, it's a great way to enhance your scale models.

  • Verlinden Productions New Releases Dec 2014 to Jan 2015

    Verlinden Productions are well-known to a certain generation of modellers. They're steadily re-releasing some classic titles along with some new ones.

  • Nuts & Bolts Book Review

    A good reference book is an essential companion to any model build, helping to correct or improve details.

  • Scale Laser Service Laser-Cut Diorama Accessories

    Scale Laser Service from Peddinghaus Decals makes a range of laser-cut wooden accessories.

  • The Small Shop Wrangler & Wire Assist

    Tanks & military vehicles have all sorts of grab handles, loops & tie-downs dotted all around them. Here's a way to make them.

  • Archer Surface Details

    Time for a fresh idea from America & a new approach to an age-old problem. How to add convincing 3D surface details easily.

  • Art of Modelling Magazine

    Art of Modelling is a Belgian publication originally published in Flemish & now available in English & other languages, as well as in tablet form.

  • RPToolz Circular Punch & Die

    There’s quite a few different varieties of punch & die manufactured by RPToolz. This is their “circular” punch & die set.

  • Verlinden Productions New Releases Sept to Nov 2014

    Belgian modeller François Verlinden has been an inspiration to generations of model makers – today based in the USA – his company continues to grow.

  • RPToolz Photoetch Bending Device

    Tiny little bits of photoetch brass are a great way to superdetail your kit but handling those pesky pieces isn’t easy.

  • Medico's D-Tails Zeltbahn 31 Review

    The range of specialist model suppliers with innovative & unique products just keeps on growing.

  • The Small Shop Nutter Tool

    Placed firmly in the “premium” tool price bracket, The Small Shop’s Nutter takes an innovative approach to making rivets.

  • RPToolz Hexagonal Punch & Die

    Making your own rivets or nuts & bolts is sometimes a choice but, more often than not, a scale model making necessity. This tool will help out.

  • Mig Productions Mud

    Getting a convincing coating of mud is now that little bit easier thanks to Mig Productions.

  • RPToolz Handle Bending Tool

    Standard-issue injection-moulded handles & grab bars can be notoriously fiddly & delicate. Here’s a way around that.

  • Panzer Putty Camouflage MXpression

    Every now & then a remarkable custom-made model making product emerges. Here's Panzer Putty from Mxpression.

  • Model Scene Diorama Grass Mats

    Looking for a quick & easy way to make convincing groundwork? Here's a neat out-of-the box solution that will speed up your diorama build.

  • Auriga Static Model Manuals

    These handy step-by-step books from Auriga Publishing of Italy are a must-have for modelers of all levels & come highly recommended.

  • Wilder Nitroline Weathering Products

    It’s truly the best of times for modelers when it comes to finishing products – now here’s a new range from Adam Wilder.

  • Lifecolor "Burned" Set CS29

    Time for another in our series of video reviews, unboxings & demos, with a great idea for a set from Lifecolor.

  • Casting For Models

    For modellers there's a whole host of accessories on the market. What if you need more than just a one-off?

  •  Vallejo Chipping Medium

    In this step-by-step mini-guide we look at a useful weathering product from Vallejo – their water-based Chipping Medium.

  • Vallejo Desert Sand

    Creating a desert scene offers an easy first foray into diorama building, here's a product to get your groundwork started.

  • Vallejo Surface Primers

    Priming your model is a great way to get a uniform flawless base & seal all those different materials you have used.

  • AK Interactive Chipping Solutions

    Here’s a technique that’s all the rage thanks to a range of dedicated bottled chipping solutions.

  • Enamel Dust Technique

    Real vehicles used in combat get dirty & dusty quickly. Here’s one method to capture that look using enamels.

  • Salt Chipping Technique

    Trying to achieve a rusty eroded paint finish can be made easier with the simple use of this household staple.

  • Vallejo Still Water 26230

    Recreating realistic water is one of the skills you will need if you build dioramas to display your models.

  • Drybrushing

    Model making is all about fads & fashions – drybrushing was once all the rage. So here’s a quick guide to this technique.

  • Clean Your Airbrush

    If you're serious about model making, you’ll want to get an airbrush, but keeping it clean is essential to success.

  • Apply Mud To Your Models

    Mud glorious mud! Any keen modeller will want to cover his creations in mud sooner or later, here’s one possible way.

  • How to Decal Your Models

    Most model kits have them. Your decals are the best way to apply markings, but how can you make them look their best?


  • Medicos D-Tails Zeltbahn 16-man Tent
    When we made our video on Medico D-Tails’ new Zeltbahn tent, we couldn’t help trying out the 16-man version as well.
  • Life Color Tensocrom TSC01
    These days there's no shortage of modelling finishing products, but Lifecolor's Tensocrom range remains a mystery to some.
  • Dust SPG04 and Mud SPG05
    Some of the best paints on the market now come bundled with pigments.
  • Life Color Dust and Rust CS10
    Diorama Set CS10 from Italian paint manufacturer Lifecolor is a regular favourite at Scale War Machines HQ.
  • RMG Barbed Wire
    Recreating convincing barbed wire is no mean feat, but RMG models of Portugal has just the solution you need, so we ordered a pack for our diorama.
  • Vallejo Plastic Putty
    Time for another top tool. This week a handy little putty product that will be a useful addition to your toolbox.
  • Fairy Power Spray Paintstrip
    The great thing about model making is finding out about new techniques, like how to strip paint using Fairy Power Spray.
  • Paintstrip Your Models
    Ever wondered how to strip a kit’s paint finish & start again? We tried one possible method on Rommel’s famous halftrack.
  • Iwata Hi-Line HP-CH Airbrush review
    Iwata’s HP-CH double-action airbrush is on long-term bench test over the coming months - and first impressions are good.
  • Iwata M2 Airbrush
    Iwata’s M2 is a bit of a departure in airbrush design. We got our hands on one & gave this newbie a going over.
  • Tamiya Lacquer Thinner
    There’s a vast range of model paints & finishing accessories on the market, this week we review Tamiya’s Lacquer Thinner.
  • Tamiya Quick Type Putty
    This week’s top tool is Tamiya Quick Type Putty, one of those perennial items you won’t be able to live without.
  • Resicast Steerable Axles
    Every now & then a little something arrives to make your life easier - like steerable replacement axles for your models.
  • Laser Cut Signs
    Dr. Evil had an obsession with “fricking lasers” & so does Scale Laser Service - suppliers of laser-cut accessories.
  • Wheel Upgrade Sets From Hussar Productions
    Hussar Productions out of Canada make some excellent upgrade wheel sets for a variety of 1:35th scale models.


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