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Real vehicles used in combat get dirty & dusty quickly. Here’s one method to capture that look using enamels.

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We spend quite a bit of time looking at period archive films. It’s remarkable to see just how filthy a vehicle can get in those old colour newsreels.

Coat an AFV in dust & mud & then catch a rainstorm & you are soon left with a selection of rain streaks & dirt marks.

A few paint manufacturers make “rain streak” mixes that can be applied from the bottle. However, here is a simple & easy technique that accurately replicates the effect of dust streaks on your models.

How does it work? Well, watch the video is the short answer. But, to summarise, first take your finished & sealed model kit. Then spray with a very thin, diffuse coat or coats of enamel paint, either Humbrol of something similar. We tend to favour H92 (Khaki) & H94 (Sand).

Before the paint properly cures, after say 15-20 minutes, take some Humbrol thinners & very gently start to remove the enamel using a moistened brush. If you want rain streaks, take a thick moistened brush & draw it vertically downwards. There you go, rain marks & dust streaks.

We find this enamel dust technique works really well, especially over Olive Drab or, as you can see, over German schemes like those used on the Tamiya Citroens & the Dodge WC52 featured in the video.

The video also shows our dusty Sherman M4A1 ex-DD, which is available as a full premium video via our online store.

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