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There’s quite a few different varieties of punch & die manufactured by RPToolz. This is their “circular” punch & die set.

Format: Streaming Media
Duration: 4 minutes 19 seconds
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Whilst the hexagonal version comes with just six different punches, this handy set will allow you punch out 10 different diameters of rounded rivets.

You simply choose different thicknesses of plastic card, unscrew the device, slip the card underneath & get punching. That way, countless combinations of rivet can be made with ease.

There’s much to like about this set, the overall engineering is top-notch, the little touches like the colour-coded & stickered punches are a great idea & the ease-of-use makes it a must-have.

This tool is especially useful for scratch builders or detail junkies. Whilst it isn’t cheap, the investment will pay off big-time. To get a vast gammut of possibilities, combine this tool with the hexagonal version or their “Rivets Maker” for no end of riveting fun.

Have a look at our demo & see what you think.

They're available from Historex Agents.

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