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Making your own rivets or nuts & bolts is sometimes a choice but, more often than not, a scale model making necessity. This tool will help out.

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In fact, if you scratch build or convert your models, the ability to replicate lines of rivets or bolts is definitely required. Adding this sort of detail will really enhance your models.

A punch & die is a simple way to make rivets, nuts & bolts. For many years, we used the renowned punch & dies from Historex Agents. However, after speaking to the owner of Historex, we learnt they no longer make them, but they do stock a range of alternatives by RPToolz.

Any punch & die set consists of a clear plastic guide that sits over a precision-cut metal base plate. This has holes cut in it that correspond to the diameter of the punches. By inserting plastic card of varying thicknesses between the guide & plate, you hit the punch through with a hammer blow to create rivets of your chosen thickness.

Out pops a neatly-cut rivet, time-after-time. In this case, we road tested the Hexagonal Punch & Die by RPToolz which works in exactly the same way but specifically creates hexagonal-shaped items for making nuts & bolts. Take a look.

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