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Vallejo US Vietnam Olive Drab #78.412
Vallejo has hit upon a simple marketing ploy. Offer up box sets to capitalize on the trend for modulation & other “out-of-the-box” techniques.
Format: Streaming Media
Duration: 3 minutes 48 seconds
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The recipe for Vallejo is to create packs that contain 6 shades that are either under the “AFV Painting System” or the “AFV Weathering System” label.

Reference #78.412 is their US Vietnam Olive Drab set. It contains 6 Model Air shades. It is part of their AFV Painting System & is a specific set with colours designed to be applied in a designated way. A step-by-step on the reverse tells you how to apply them & in which order.

It’s worth noting that the bottles are the smaller 8ml variety & the packaging comes with a palette for mixing.

The final effect looks a little light for Vietnam & seems better suited to World War 2. That said, the primer looks about right & the penultimate shadow shade also looks better so maybe if you prioritise those & deviate to create your own version of the system, it will work better.

One thing’s for sure, Vallejo acrylic paints are excellent quality & the Model Air paints spray very well.

Why not watch the unboxing video & see for yourself?

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